Variable in Java Applet Parameter

I have a .js file with the applet code in it.

I use <SCRIPT language=JavaScript>writeApplet();</SCRIPT> to print the applet on the web page.

Here is one of the applet parameters:
document.write("<param name=\"image\" VALUE=\"cam0.jpg\">");

It works great this way... (the webcam shows up on the webpage)

Instead of having cam0.jpg in that value.
I need to have a variable in there...

Then at the top of the web page I declare the variable like this:
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>var DefaultCam="cam0.jpg";</SCRIPT>

Here is what I have tried in that parameter...
document.write("<param name=\"image\" VALUE=\"&{DefaultCam};\">");

It does not work.. but I dont get any errors... and when I open my browsers java console I dont see any errors... I just dont think it is printing the variable correctly...

Any ideas?

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
your syntax is not used in document.write and is netscape specific
kmax1940Author Commented:
thank you!  this is what I needed.... I just did not know how to call the variable in the document.write statement...  I searched and searched and could not find it... Thanks again.
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