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I am working with a very large spreadsheet that is updated monthly. The spreadsheet consists of multiple tabs with many formulas summarizing project data in several different ways.  Each month the report is updated with the new raw data and new columns wiht formulas need to be added for the new month.  Each month there can occasionally be errors in not updating some of the several formulas and I am looking for an efficient and reliable way of data checking the spreadsheet. Also several people use this spreadsheet throughout the company to also add information into the document. any ideas?
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DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at my free mapping utility, Mappit! at

It is designed to pick up inconsistencies in spreadsheets, ie
  • changes in formulae accross rows/columns
  • hard coded numbers amongst formulae
  • linked cells etc
Patrick MatthewsCommented:

With seeing a sample of what you are trying to do, it is very difficult to say.  In any event, a complete solution for this will likely far exceed the scope of a typical EE question, but perhaps we could narrow in on a particular aspect of your problem.

rexley11Author Commented:
The answer to the question was as helpful as it could be with the information I had given.
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