Quality templates sites, simple elegant jewellery web template,

I am looking for a very simple web template just for representing a jewellery company.

Something like: http://www.cbmcard.com/templates/300110237

Sites for mass templates sales like templetemonsters etc. are full of templates but there are not so many of them with simple, easy and clean design.  Most of them are outdated and stuffed with useless elements.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

thank you
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
see themeforest.net
they have lots of modern templates (web 2.0) that you can buy and then remodel to suit your needs.
hope that helps
there are NONE "with simple, easy and clean design.  Most of them are outdated and stuffed with useless elements."

These templates for the most part were designed by newbies using photoshop images (i.e. the supposedly sophisticated ones) -- the rest are just pure junk.  I can state this with a reasonable amount of certainty because I spent WEEKS scouring the web (for a client who insisted on it) looking for quality templates.  I unzipped maybe 12,000 of them, went through them all, and they were all junk.  SO the answer to your question, as I see it is -- there is nothing available on the net in terms of "clean, elegant, unique templates".

Stop looking and get someone to design what you want.  It's the only way I know of to get what suits you.
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