Cisco CME Billing software differentiate the business calls from the personal calls ?

In Cisco CME we can make the zero calls if we login using the pin code (each user can use his pin code in his device only),

Now we would like to change it so that each user will be able to make a zero call from any device, and the calls will be recognized if it was personal or for business.

So the scenario will be: instead of dialing the zero call after logging with the pin code, the user will dial first then he will get a voice message asking him to please enter pin number, or asking him to choose 1 if the call was personal and 2 if the call was for business for example, and he will be asked to enter the personal pin code if the call was personal and to enter the business pin code if the call was for business.

Anyway we want to differentiate the business calls from the personal calls, and we would like to collect the call logs at the end of each month using a billing software that will calculate the total amount of each call (by getting the rates from the PSTN).

Any one can suggest me where I can find such a solutions?
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luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
Here are two good software application for doing this.
taherudinAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for given link
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