Clean Mailbox in Exhange Server 2007

In older Exchange Server versions I could clean the mailbox of everything from past the last 7 days, etc or even mail above a certain size.

I have numerous locations that still dial in to our server for email and they may have only 5 emails and it goes through 1 of 500, etc. Cleaning the mailboxes took care of this in older versions, or if someone had a huge email I could delete everything above 2MB, etc.

How do I clean the mailbox for locations except for the past 7 days on the Exchange 2007 Server or delete emails above a certain size?

It is obviously keeping them there and thus the receiving 1 of 500, etc at the location even though there are only 5-6 emails.

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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can achivev this using the Exchange Server 2007 mailbox management.

Refer these articles:

Hope this helps,
Chuck0410Author Commented:

A little hard to follow
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