SAP Infoset: Illegal Join Conditions IFLOT.TPLNR= AUSP.OBJEK


I am trying to create an SAP Infoset that links IFLOT.TPLNR= AUSP.OBJEK. However, the fields have a different definition (different number of characters) and SAP will not allow me to create the join.

Instead, I get a message stating "Illegal Join Conditions"

How can I overcome this problem? I guess I will need to use some kind of ABAP in the infoset.

Any help would be appreciated.
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thumbcastAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response Ron.

I am actually looking to build a suite of data extraction reports to be used in the context of data migration i.e. to provide post load validation and sign off.

As I suspected, SAP Query is not without it quirks and often requires some ABAP. Instead I will go down the route of pulling the SAP tables into my staging area and then develop these reports using my ETL tool.


Would you be able to provide a quick scope of what you are trying to achieve?
What are select-options?
What are the ouput requiements?
How frequently would the report be executed?

My intial thought would be for a developer to write a report for you from scratch...

If you give me some further details I would be perhaps able to give you a time estimate to build a report.

ABAP Query can be a useful tool for one off reports but the subsequent generated program may not be optimised for performance.





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