Tivoli Storage Manager 6.1 Database Upgrade Process

I was able to extract the data from my old TSM 5.5 Database to a USB Drive with no problems. The problem I have at the moment is the insert process.

I created and formatted a new TSM 6.1 database and log files on separate disks on my new TSM 6.1 Server. The only problem is I forgot the the Database exists on Disk Space on a Disk System in One Datacentre while my USB Drive with the "ost2 files exists on another Data Centre!? Well done me so now it looks like the insert process is running over the network. I kicked off the process Thursday 8.00am GMT but I need to know when possible the process will be finished!

I've attached a text log containing the current insert.out log information and how much data has been inserted into the database. I'm the text log is also information from the extract.out log. Can somebody please tell me when the log information when the insert process might be completed!

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Hi again,

according to your log the process should run for roundabout 65 hrs. or so, thus hopefully ending sunday at 1:00 AM GMT, probably a few hours later.

Everybody who ever did such a migration knows that this is a rather lengthy thing.

And you need not be worried at all that your data has to traverse a network (given it is stable enough).
The time consuming part is the insert procedure itself, not the transport of the data to their destination.

Again according to your log, data is processed at a rate of as much as roughly 200K/sec, and I assume that your network, based on whichever technology, should be much faster.

Have patience, and consider yourself fortunate if the whole thing comes to a happy ending and does not break near the finish line with some weird error.

Good luck!


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makel2Author Commented:
Hi Wmp,

Would it make any difference if I ran the insert process locally and not over the network? I thinking we have to do that when we go live! The insert process I'm running now is a test database migration!!!! I have to run through the whole procedure again only the next week it will have to be quicker!
How fast is your network?

As you can see in your log, you achieve a data rate of roughly 200 K/sec. ( ~ 2 MBit/sec)

If your network is faster than those 2 MBit/sec, it has no influence at all on the duration of the insert process.
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makel2Author Commented:
Okay I'm guessing that's a no then :-) There isn't any point in running the insert process locally? We have a 1GB fibre channel running between the two Data Centres however alot of that traffic is SAN traffic, VMware etc. We where kinda scratching our heads today because we have that line and so we where thinking to the process should have completed sooner.
Check your present data rate by e.g. ftp'ing not too small a file over the network connection in question. FTP will show you the throughput you achieve. If it's more than 200 K/sec - then: No, running it locally will not improve anything.
makel2Author Commented:
wmp very helpful as always :-)
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