Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 & Robotic Library issue

I have a Dell DL2000 Robotic Tape Library and Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 and now have a need to use 2 tapes daily now as our data backups increase.

What i have found is that Backup Exec does not see the 2nd tape yet it shows in the TL2000's console so the backup job stalls when the first tape is filled and asks to insert media.

What i have also noticed is if i do a scan in Backup Exec it then finds the 2nd tape and the backup continues as expected but this is something i don't beleive i should have to do.

So, does anyone know why Backup Exec can't see the 2nd tape without doing a manual rescan or does someone know how i can schedule a scan before each backup starts?
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If you manually insert a tape in the magazines of the library, you indeed need to do a "Scan" in Backup Exec.

"Scan" cannot be scheduled. If you don't want to do anything manually in "Backup Exec", you can schedule an "Inventory" operation. Just start an inventory job on the slots you want to inventory, and once the properties for that job are open, you can schedule the job to run multiple times.
tmaster100Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip.

I change tapes daily (one single tape) and never had a problem. It's a shame Backup Exec doesn't do some sort of periodic scan to check what tapes are loaded.

I will try a scheduled inventory scan however this is a 6 day a week process so can't be good.
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