ML115 Nightmare Raid


Just got a ML115 G5 and trying to setup Raid 1 which works all ok and with the drivers tried all of them it will install windows 2003 32 bit and when it has copied all files reboots and starts windows 2003 with the scrolling bar and blue screens everytime. Any Ideas appreciated as it is driving me nut. 2 x 1.5 TB disks on board.

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update controller firmware, read release notes to make SURE you have right drivers, run the smartstart CD to insure all other firmware is current.

if that does not do it, boot it to a a non raid disk temporarily to make sure the hardware isn't a lemon, try then loading linux on the raid just to see if it crashes using a different os and obviously different drivers
mdj1501Author Commented:
No joy it is all up to date. There has been alot of posts about this having a look around. Don't know whether to buy a seperate card  PEXSATA22I maybe ?
mdj1501Author Commented:
smartstart cd does not suppot the onboard raid there is a note with the server ??????
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since this is presumably an important machine, I would invest in an appropriate RAID controller instead of a $5. RAID chip.

also get enterprise disks designed to work with RAID hardware instead of disks designed to run only 2400 hrs per year.

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In the past with these low end HP servers, we've had to slipstream drivers into the installation media, we used nlite.

However, I haven;t tried it with the latest version of the ML115.    

Certainly vmware doesn't work with the onboard raid controller.    
I would agree about the point re a proper raid controller.  If you manage to get it running, the standard settings for these onboard raid controllers disable any kind of write back caching,  you can force it in, which does improve performance, but you must be running off a UPS, and even then it's not ideal.
mdj1501Author Commented:
this is only as a backup dc. I know you should not describe it like this but it wont be doing a lot think I may have to get 1 tb or lower for this to work.

Live and learn !
I say scr*w it, and by a nice little SATA-attached SSD.  Have been experimenting with them recently, and am quite impressed with them. Not only are they screaming fast, but a SSD has a better MTBF (or should I say, MTBDL) then a RAID1, but this eliminates all the headaches you have with a crappy controller and consumer class disks.   No bother with RAID drivers either :)

mdj1501Author Commented:
3ware 9650 2lp card sorted the issue with Sata Disks
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