Installing more memory to a Compaq Presario R4000 laptop

I have a Compaq Presario R4000 laptop that has a total of 512mb of ddr 2700. When I opened the bottom cover all I can see I one of them. The other is under the keyboard. I am wanting to upgrade the laptop to at least a total of 1 gb. My question is which would be the better and which would be the easiest? I could just add a 1gb stick to the one that I can see without having to remove the keyboard or I can remove the keyboard and add 2-512 mb sticks. Will the performance be that much greater if I added 2-512 rather than just adding 1gb stick to the easier slot without having to remove the keyboard?
So to shorten this its : 2X512 ddr 2700 vs 1-256 ddr 2700 and 1- 1024mb ddr 2700
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hi! I can make out the one you are seeing are external Memory modules as per HP Service Manual
You can take a look at quick steps explained for under the keypad RAM

It doesn't matter much if you install 2x512 or 1x1024, Moreover it will always be slightly better/faster  if u install 1x1024 (reduced paging). You can just install 1024 at the back external slot , leaving the internal(under keypad as it is) thereby making total of 256+1024, its a fast and better solution (fast to install/fast on performance, hassle free) for you if you are looking for 1GB only.
or you can as mentioned in other comment install 2x1024.

Within certain constraints, more is always better.
See this site at Crucial memory
I would add a 1 GB stick and leave the one under the keyboard alone. However, if you wanted to, it looks like you could pull out the 256 and put in 2 1 GB sticks. It depends on $.
here how to install them :
as said, installing 1 Gb will be easy, under the keyboard requires a bit more work - you can upgrade to 2 GB
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