Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

Is there a way to configue mandatory profile on a machine running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition?  If not, what can I do so user are not able to write to the computer like deepfreeze?
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Well...  I suppose depending on what you are actually trying to do...  users will always be able to change the setup of a computer in one way or another.  Deepfreeze is a very special program that restores the computer to its original state after each use.

You can create an account for users to login to.  Login to that account, click on start - run - GPEDIT.MSC and set policies there that restrict what users can / can't do.  That would help lock the machine down some.
TAS-ITAuthor Commented:
gpedit.msc does not exist in Windows Home edition product
TAS-ITAuthor Commented:
I was looking more for a windows solution
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