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I don't know if anyone can shed any light on this, but I am trying to maintain a website and I would say about 98% of it loads. The problem is that the remaining 2% has really important information that allows me to log onto the site that is on the bottom. It just hangs and says "read i4.ytimg" or "transferring i4.ytimg".

Anyone have any ideas? The website is Thanks for any advice!
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Hi Joanna

It means that th econnection to youtube is slowing things down

Any information/media loaded from an external site will slow yours down if it is experiencing a slow connection

Try removing the component/module or just the file on that pag that is got from youtube and see the difference



ytimg is where YouTube stores its videos, so the connection problem is a YouTube bug.

For a solution -
Add this line to your windows HOSTS file:

In windows 7 / Vista, it is located in
joanna_lAuthor Commented:
Hi morfytastic - thanks for your input!

I was hoping that you could clarify - does this mean that the problem is on my computer? I know that others are having the same problem with the page loading.
As far as I'm aware a lot of people are having problems with this, particularly in IE & FF. It seems ok in Chrome and Opera. It's a Youtube problem that they seem to be slow to sort out...
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