gotoAndPlay problem when loading movieclip with AS3

I have two movieclip (story_screen and title_screen)  instances I am trying to load and play.  the "title_screen" is added to the stage second so it is visible first.  THe "title_screen" has a start_mybutton object that when you click it it calls the event handler and calls the frame labeled "start_alpha" which fades the alpha.  There is a "stop();" command in the last frame that should stop the movie clip once it reaches this frame, and then the "title_screen should be removed from the screen.  However, what is happening is that the "title_screen" displays, but does not fade on button click.  "title_screen" is removed and the "story_screen" displays but the  "title_screen" displays again.  Below is the code in my .fla file, can anyone provide any assistance?

var story_screen:MovieClip = new storyscreen();
var title_screen:MovieClip = new titlescreen();
function startHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {
      trace("In startHandler ");
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how can the title_screen gotoAnd do anything if you're removing it?

what you should maybe consider doing, if i understand correctly is use a Tween Class to change the alpha , and then use the onComplete to remove the clip.

ie. start fading out, when you're done go away.

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tflockAuthor Commented:
Hi blue-genie,
Thanks for the direction.  I am now using the Tweenlite class to change the alpha and onComplete, I call a method to remove the movieclip.  This method seems to work for removing the title_screen movieclip initially, but if I click the ready button on the story_screen the title_screen movieclip reappears.  If I click the start button on this clip I receive the error below.  I would think that once I've removed the movieclip it would not be on the stage.  I am trying to remove the top two movie clips to get to a third clip underneath them.  Please note my updated code is below as well.  Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.
      at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/removeChild()
      at Protoype_fla::MainTimeline/removeMovie()
      at Protoype_fla::MainTimeline/startHandler()

import com.greensock.TweenLite;

var story_screen:MovieClip = new storyscreen();
var title_screen:MovieClip = new Titlescreen();



function startHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {, 0.5, {alpha:0, onComplete:removeMovie(title_screen)});
function readyHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {, 0.5, {alpha:0, onComplete:removeMovie(story_screen)});
function removeMovie(movieObject:MovieClip):void{
      if (movieObject!=null)
            trace("REMOVE movie executed");

Can you upload your file?
it's a tad bit difficult to make out whats happening without seeing it.

is this code snippet above just in a frame?
are you jumping around in frames. I cant' imagine that the title will reappear unless you're doing a gotoAndStop(1) to reisntantiate this frame.

tflockAuthor Commented:
I was able to get it working with direction for blue-genie and another post.
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