No Access to XenApp 6 published Apps with Program Neighborhood v10 and below

Hi Experts,

we've currently  a rrunnging Citrix Environment with 2 Citrix Servers (Presentation Server 4.0 aon Windows 2000 Servers). All Clients access the Published Apps in the farm with Program Neigborhood Clients V10 and below - so all works fine.

The next Server should be a Windows 2008R2 - We installed XenApp 6 in a different new Farm on this server.

But, when i try to access the new farm with the old clients, i got no list of the publihed apps ... only some strange information, that the application set is outdated!?!?!?

Sometimes the PN-Clients hungs while the login to the server.

Whith the Current Agent 11 all apps seems to run fine - but the people want to use the current old PN-Clients.

I tried the configuration with all access methods
- TCP/IP only get no Farm / App
- with http i can retrieve the New Farm Name, but get no apps an the outdated message

Can anyone help me!

Thanks in advance

HP Enderle
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edjakemanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Program Neighborhood does not work with XenApp 6 at all - it cannot list the applications on the farm.  

You need to build a web interface server and use the web interface or new style online plug-in client (it runs from an icon by the clock - used to be called the agent) instead.

We found people found the transition from Program Neighborhood to Web Interface easier.  You have the advantage they will see all their apps together too.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Try this free Program Neighborhood replacement from a Citrix employee:
hpenderleAuthor Commented:
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