Windows 7 VPN - No connect button

I love WIndows 7 but there is one thing which really winds me up.

I have a number of customers who I support by connecting via PPTP VPN. I have set this up in Windows 7 just fine and it all works.

The trouble comes when I have a problem connecting. This can either be whilst setting a VPN up or if I reboot the server at the other end and try to connect whilst it's offline.

What happens is that if I try to connect and I cancel the attempt I can never get to connect again as there is no connect option on that VPN. In fact there are no options on the VPN - neither connect nor disconnect, only the ability to edit the connection. I also get the spinning icon over the network icon in the bottom right. If I look in network connections this VPN is connecting, but I can't stop it trying.

There is some debris left on the screen - it the icon which moves between monitors which appeares in the top right of the "connecting..." box. This is left on the screen but doesn't do anything.

If I kill off explorer.exe and restart it I can disconnect the connection and regain control.

Is this just a bug in Windows 7 or is there a fix ?


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FarWestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I belive it is a bug in W7, but did you try to disable/enable the connection from network sharing center, Change Adapter Settings, since the VPN connection will appear just like another adapter ?
ps. if you do not  use IPv6 in your network disable that option from VPN adaptar settings
wish you good luck
UKBertyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Fryezz - that's what I guessed.

There's no diable/enable on VPNs and I have disabled Ipv6.

Hey ho - I'll await SP1.
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