maintenance on Ford Explorer 1999 XLT

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT and need some assistance as far as gathering some items for changing the transmission oil, air filter, and spark plugs.  I basically need to know what's going to be the best for this type of car, as far as purchasing the items above.  I need to know which types of items I will need for this vehicle.  The SUV has 130,000 miles.
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Why dont you check with a seller/ mechanic?  May be below link wil help you to know the part number.
Automatic or stick?

5 speed stick, use redline MTL. about 3 qts . mtl for transfercase 1 qt but make sure look at owners manual. Automatic, use mercon or mercon 5. about 6 qts filter and gasket you can service a manual trans in your garage but doing a automatic can get messy.  Autolite double platinum plugs.  And ford ignition wires because they fit better than the stuff at the local auto parts. :)
Also, just fyi: doing the plugs on this is such a PITA that my uncle- who is a school-bus mechanic- pays a shop to do it for him- no- it ain't lazy- it's simply a pain.(his is an '02)
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Best is to stick with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. You might want to have your mechanic check the actual parts attached. You don't need to buy the parts in advance unless you're sure that it's the standard ones. Spark plugs, just go for the OEM specs or the equivalent iridium plugs.
Just a tip: If the transmission fluid has never been changed in 130,000 miles, it is best to leave it alone. I've seen plenty of times when the fluid is changed on an older vehicle, and within the next few thousand miles, problems start to creep up with the tranny. If your trans is running fine, leave it be.
If you want to Do It Yourself then get the manual first.
Otherwise a ford service garage / reputable garage is recommended.

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