Automate "Enable for Commenting in Adobe Reader"

I have a 100 pdf files each pdf file i want to switch on the option "Enable for Commenting in Adobe Reader", my thought is instead of that we can automate this process if i pass the pdf file i want to get output file with Enabled option.

So, I have tried with the following code it has popped-up the save message but it should be a automated process.

Techie people already sorted out this problem, if you are the guy then please.


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redrumkevConnect With a Mentor Commented:

How are you doing?

Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extension ES2 does this, see this pdf (notice it is the server setup in the diagram on page 2), where RIGHTS are set. This is great for organizations as you dis-allow users to set these rights and instead the server sets "corporate rights" on the way out. People can't as easily pass secrets or "forget" to enable protection, it just done on all documents or those that meet "criteria":

The Solution: This is NOT possible via VB or JavaScript, because the commands (automation interface) to call upon does not exist within Acrobat. Since this is considered an "advanced" function, you must buy and use LiveCycle or do it by hand. Sorry, but this is what Adobe has done as a way to make more advanced products seem feasible and helping to nudge you to make the upgrade and purchase.

Hope this helps,
x-menIT super heroCommented:
From what I've can find around the web, you cant, you’ll need some sort of Extencion ( $$$ ) from adobe.

What you can do, as workaround, is grab that “Save As” window (in vbs) and Send the file name and button click.

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