How do I send a formatted email (preferrably using delphi)

I am using delphi 2007 and want to be able to create (and ultimately send) an email
from within delphi, but have the body of the email text formatted.
I can create the email using mailto, but dont seem to be able to format the 'text' body (ie
font size/style etc)
it is possible mailto cant do this ,but there must be another way.

My default email application is outlook express, and my email account needs authenication.
Have tried various socket components, but dont want to embedded an username or password as I am giving this exe to someone else so just wanted to open outlook/outlook express and have the message
sitting there to be sent
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Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
Sorry, but if you wish to open the user email client, the email will be formatted by this one (Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.). You can't change formatting rules used by Outlook Express by another application. But what I don't understand is this. If you create a program with ability to send an email, you can't embed any username or passowrd: you have to let the user fill these data to send emails from your program, saving username, password etc. So there is any security or privacy issue for you to allow your user to send email from within your exe. If you wish to do this you can use Indy components: they works fine.
junebrownAuthor Commented:
That explains it, but it was worth asking

thank you for getting back to me
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