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rotation in x axis

i am drawing streets and areas represented by a set of 2d points(x,y), i want to give the 3d feeling by rotate the points around x-axis (tilting effect).

Any one can help in the needed equation.

attached are sample images:
 - image 1 is normal drawing
 - image 2 is the effect i am trying to achieve
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George TokasCommented:
Is there C++ Builder involved in the developing??
If yes what is the operating system??
If it is WindowsCE or WindowsEmbedded then have the hardware any capability of Direct3D?
If the answer to all of them is yes then consider a wrapper like TCDX9 around Direct3D I have developed and it is free at http://www.gtokas.com.
Modifications will be needed but it can work.

George Tokas.
zhkhanAuthor Commented:
The operating system is wince, and the development tool is VS.NET 2005 and programming language is c++.
But unfortunately the device is not supporting for ur suggestion.
zhkhanAuthor Commented:
Any ideas?
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George TokasCommented:
Trying to think...
Age got to me. A few years back I could provided you an answer...
Because I'm working with Direct3D I'm trying to find a way in plain GUI this time...

George Tokas.
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
solution is quiet easy. you need a few transformation formulas, like:

x = (screenWidth / 2) +  (x - screenWidth / 2) * [ (screenHeight - y) / 2 / screenHeight ]
y = remains unchanged

Please check and tell me
zhkhanAuthor Commented:
The equation itself is true about the concept. But it doesn't give me the result i need exactly.
what i did is the following:
i have one big source map, and i take one screen from the map and compress it in my screen.
i noticed that to show the 3d effect, i need to add more data from left top, right top and top edge to my screen. In this way I'll get the same equation effect with more data from each side(top_left, top_right, top).

please if any more details needed i'll explain more.
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