windows 2003/2008 Server authoritative restore of single object

If there is only one Domain controller in a network and I need to restore just one object by using ntdsutil in AD restore mode.
Is it possible or those it depent on the backup software. The normal procedure is to boot in restore mode run the restore of ad from the backup software, use ntdsutil and set it to authoritative and specify the object, boot normal.

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You need to have Windows System state or similar backup and restore AD object. Authoritative is not necesary if you have the only one DC -your DC will not sync with other DC incorrect information (authoritative restore overides incorrect (incorrectly modified) information).

Windows Server R2 presented recycle bin of AD - you can restore objects right away.
You can re-animate the tombstoned object with adrestore. If will not restore back-links to groups and the object will be striped.

With 2008 you can restore objects from a snapshot (taken with ntdsutil).
jesajaAuthor Commented:
So it is correct that any Backup Software completely restores the AC Database.
And if there is only one DC no other DCs will overwrite the restored database/objects.

If an object is deleted by using adsiedit I think it cannot be restored with adrestore.

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*Any AD aware backup software.

A single DC domain has not any replication partners so I don't replicate restored or deleted objects.

I have only tested ADrestore with user objects, so if you delete attributes within adsi adrestore can't help you. (btw you don't have to boot in DSRM to use re-animation).

jesajaAuthor Commented:
With a singel DC domain I do not need to boot in DSRM, right?
You boot into DSRM to get your AD DS offline and then you restore System state.

If you have a single DC in your domain, you mark the restored data as authoritative directly for all replica sets  from the NTbackup consol (advanced options). No need to increase the USN of the deleted object with ntdsutil.

In 2008 you can (in theory) take AD DS offline (as a service) then restore without booting into DSRM.

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But you should offcourse have more then one DC for redundancy! :)
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