All my recently opened applications are gone

A short while ago I made a change to Skype so that it would not appear in the task bar (as suggested by a EE expert), by setting the properties of Skype to run in Vista SP2 mode. Since then, and I don't know if its related, when I right click on an application on my task bar it only shows the application name, unpin from task bar and Close Windows option whereas it used to show all the recently opened files for that application (eg recently opened Word or MS Access apps). Can anyone tell me how to get my applications back? I am running MS Windows 7 Home Premium.
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
This web page has several possible explanations in it:
Windows 7 Explorer jump list disappeared
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks that did it. I must have unticked a box by mistake somehow. Appreciate your help. Rob
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