iTunes on Windows 7 continuously syncs and doesn't stop but all files make it

I have latest iTunes version on Windows 7 desktop.  All files sync across fine but then it just continues to sync....never stops. I have to cancel the sync since othewise it would just sit and grind away indefinitely.
Scott JacksonRetired Air Force Jet JockAsked:
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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This MAY help:

Close iTunes
Delete the folder on the PC named "IPod Photo Cache".

Open iTunes.

Your photos will no longer be synced with the phone, but you can re-select the folders whose photos you want to sync.  You'll probably get a warning about how this phone was previously synced with a different folder, which you can safely ignore.

Is this on an iPod? iPhone?  Which model, exactly?
Scott JacksonRetired Air Force Jet JockAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry.  It is an iPhone 3GS with latest firmware as well as latest iTunes.
Scott JacksonRetired Air Force Jet JockAuthor Commented:
Thank you. That cleared it up.
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