somebody is asking what is the difference of using a cracked software downloaded from the net, or having the license key, and both will work

somebody is asking what is the difference of using a cracked software downloaded from the net, or having the license key and pay for it, and both will work?
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Glen KnightCommented:
The use of cracked unlicensed software is illegal.
You don't know if the product has been tampered with.  You will receive no updates from the vendor and no support.
B HCommented:
most software can be cracked in a way that still provides updates, and tricks itself into thinking it's legit... but that's still illegal and immoral.  nobody here will provide you with how to crack things, and it'll be impossible to get support if something is wrong.

many software crackers will build in viruses and or keyloggers, too...

those are some of the glaring differences, and for your other question - if "properly" cracked, it'll work the same as licensed software.

i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
so the common answer is illegal and immoral.
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Glen KnightCommented:
Without a doubt.

I would also add unsupported to that list
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
and I would add that , you dont know when it will show evaluation version ends, right?
Glen KnightCommented:
No idea, the only time I have ever seen unlicensed software is when I have been called in to sort out a server crash.

I, like many other consultants may well refuse to work on illegal/cracked software.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
main problem is that people using cracked software see it as just something that everyone else does and don't see it as crime. Lots of small companies think no way I will pay £2-3k just for my server and exchange but still want to use it then when something goes wrong they have no one to contact for support and expect everyone to keep quiet about their software "licences".

Fines for using unlicensed software can range from £10000 to £30000 here in the UK (Only business will be prosecuted)

If you can't afford something then don't use it. There are lots of open source alternatives out there so do some research before they catch and prosecute you.
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
I share your opinion , but I see a lot of companies working with craked enviroment, rarely I see a compnay workking with full license, right?
Glen KnightCommented:
If they cannot afford the software try are probably using the wrong product.

Small businesses don't need to pay £2-3k for Windows and Exchange.

ALL of the companies I do work for have fully legitimate software.  It's part of the agreement they sign with me.  If they want me to work for them they get licensed.  If they don't, I don't work for them.

Nenad RajsicCommented:
that is correct. I see it every day but it doesn't mean that I agree with it. Main reason being that one of my web applications is available "nulled" out there even though it costs only £85. So shall I just work for free while you make money while using my products. I understand that software can be expensive and can see why people do it - maybe if business software was more affordable they wouldn't have so much piracy?
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
ALL of the companies I do work for have fully legitimate software
,DO  you mean the core softwares  from the O.S tell small applications like winrar and winzip?
Glen KnightCommented:
ALL software is licensed.

That doesn't eliminate freeware as this is a free license.

I they want to use winzip then yes thy buy it, however I don't very often recommend winzip because it's just not needed most if the time.

As I said in my first post, you have no way of knowing how cracked software has been modified, you don't know what it will do to your network or other peoples when you send things to them.

If you as an IT consultant explain it to them correctly and give the right licensing advice then there is no reason NOT to do it.

The coat of repairing problems caused by illegal software can far outway the cost of buying legal licenses.  Not to mention the possible fines.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
larger companies that want to be fully compliant will have everything licensed and will carefully monitor what is installed on their systems. Smaller companies will almost always have something that they never paid for (like in your example win rar or win zip) and that is because they are not worried about small software vendors coming after them.  

BSA is known to send letters to SMEs and ask them for a voluntarily software audit. BSA is setup to protect interest of some well known names. See their members here:
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
I am with u dematzer, I have to explain for them that supporting craked enviroment is very tough
Glen KnightCommented:
Well just ask them what they would do if a cracked piece of software brought down their entire network? And if they would be happy with the cost involved?

What they would do if one of their staff reported them, annonymously, and they received a £10,000 fine?

What they would do if you as a consultant needed to contact one of the companies because if a problem with the software that affected there core business? And they were losing money because you couldn't get a critical update to a unlincensed product?

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B HCommented:
using cracked software is bad, illegal, immoral, unsupported, and fattening... but, there are a high number of individuals and businesses that do it.  the software will most likely work if cracked "properly", but that doesn't make it any more legal to do it.

if someone tips off the BSA, that person gets a cash reward and the person breaking the rules gets a big fine.  that alone should be a good enough reason to be fully licensed - what if you fire someone down the road and they "get back" at you by telling the BSA?

what is the route you'd like to take with this question, getting to a sufficient answer?  we can all agree on the negative aspects of using unlicensed software, but any amount of discussion won't justify it.

i hope i've answered your questions, but am happy to participate towards a clear goal

i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
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