Exception propagation to the parent thread


How can I cause an exception in the parent thread if the error occurs in the child thread?

I use the Callable interface, have a try catch block in its run() method and want when an exception appears and is caught by this block to also generate an exception in the parent thread so it can be caught there, in the parent's try catch block.

Hope I'm making sense here :)

Thank you.
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One way is to have the child thread's methods to throw a new exception.

You can use a try/catch block to choose which ones to propogate like this

try {
 //do something
catch (SomeException e) {
    throw new SomeException();

of course you can just catch Exception to propagate all exceptions
This is one way of handling exceptions with callable interface implementations

public class MyCallable implements Callable
  public Integer call () throws java.io.IOException {
    return 1;

As the callable interface has to be called with an ExecutorService you can do something like this

FutureTask task = new FutureTask (new MyCallable ());
ExecutorService es = Executors.newSingleThreadExecutor ();
es.submit (task);
try {
  int result = task.get ();
  System.out.println ("Result from task.get () = " + result);
catch (Exception e) {
  System.err.println (e);
es.shutdown ();

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acilonvAuthor Commented:
I found the cause of my problem. The Exception was not passed because I did not use the get() method of the FutureTask problem. Only when this method is called the error thrown in the thread gets picked up by the parent thread.
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