How Can I Confirm Exchange 2007 SCC CMS version?

I've been working at upgrading all Exchange 2007 SP1 nodes to SP2.

Exchange Topology:
Two phys servers running both CAS and HT roles (CASHT1/CASHT2)
Two phys servers running the  mailbox server role in an SCC cluster. (MBXCN1/MBXCN2)

As part of the upgrade process for the mailbox nodes, as documented by MS, you would:

-Upgrade passive node to SP2.
-Stop CMS
-Move CMS to passive node.
-Upgrade CMS
-Upgrade "active" (now passive) node to SP2.

All was well until I went to upgrade CMS. It errored out. Per MS documentation, CMS should automatically start when the upgrade completes. The error I received was that it could not automatically start the CMS...although it quickly came online when I manually started the disks/resources.

All I want to do now is CONFIRM that CMS was upgraded. I can see that both NODES are upgrade to SP2...but how can I see if CMS is upgraded?

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Get-ExchangeServer | fl name,edition,admindisplayversion

Name                : CASHT1
Edition             : Enterprise
AdminDisplayVersion : Version 8.2 (Build 176.2)

Name                : CMS
Edition             : Enterprise
AdminDisplayVersion : Version 8.2 (Build 176.2)

Name                : CASHT2
Edition             : Enterprise
AdminDisplayVersion : Version 8.2 (Build 176.2)

Does this mean CMS has upgraded successfully?

Cluster Common Failure Exception: The cluster resource could not be brought online by the resource monitor. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007139A)
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if both nodes were updates successfully and CMS version is showing as updated then you are clear.

If in doubt you can reapply SP2 it won't hurt.

Also you will need to apply rollup updates of SP2 if this one installs correctly then you are surely at SP2
acstechsAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've successfully added Update Rollup 4 to both nodes. The shell command states CMS has been upgraded, so I think we're in the clear...
yes I think so too
acstechsAuthor Commented:
Per MS: If CMS is showing the right version (in my case, 8.2) via PS command get-exchangeserver ... that is the best indicator. To fully confirm, we attempted a failover and failback of the cluster ... which completed successfully ... which would not have been the case had the nodes and/or CMS been different versions. Looks good.
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