assessing if multi-threaded server suitable for Weblogic & BEA & Oracle DB : eg Sun T vs M series

My understanding from Sun rep is that :

a) Sun T series (eg T5120) is suitable for webserver app or situation where the
    there's a lot of processes running concurrently & each of the processes (or
    thread or ?) requires little CPU load

b) Sun M series are more for situation where there's little processes but each of
    the process require a lot of heavy serial processing.  So if it's a DB server which
    usually receives a few heavy queries to the DB, then M series is suited for this

Questions :

1) if I have a Weblogic server, which type of server is more suitable, T or M series?
    Weblogic is on Linux & HP-UX

2) any specific commands or tools that I can use to assess my database (Oracle)
    server to evaluate if I'm getting a few heavy serialized queries/load (which M series
   is more suited for) or plenty of tiny little transactions on the DB (which T series is
   more suited for) ?   DB servers are on HP-UX PA-RISC

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jrb1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have also heard it said that the t-series is more tuned for things like weblogic and the m-series for databases.

Still, Oracle documents some benefits to running both Weblogic and 10g on the t-series server:

For #1, the t-series should be fine for Weblogic. If you are looking to run both the database and middleware on the same server, the database certainly becomes the issue.

When Sun did their PeopleSoft benchmark testing, they used one M3000 for the db server, two M3000's for app servers, and one T5120 as the web server.  So it would appear that they like the m-series for both database and app server.
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