Unable to Connect BES to second exchange server

Just install a new exchange 2010 server. Move one mailbox and trying to connect it to BES and we are getting error from BES saying unable to open the mailbox.
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paylessofficeAuthor Commented:
We're running Exchange 2010 instead of 2007.  Don't know if it makes a difference.  Our primary exchange server is 2003 Enterprise.  Blackberry SBS 4.5 (or 4.1) currently runs on the same server.  What we need to figure out is if we can get the Blackberry SBS to talk to both the 2003 AND the 2010 server for now, until we complete the migration and decommission the 2003 server.....
You need BES 5.0 MR1 in order for it to access Exchange 2010.

paylessofficeAuthor Commented:
So do we just upgrade the current server to 5.0?  How will BES handle that if we decommision and take down the 2003 server and allow the 2010 Exchange server to take over?  Will the BES reroute to the new server, or will we need to move or update the databases for it?
paylessofficeAuthor Commented:
I know its been a while since i posted here, but we opt'ed later on to drop BES from the budget, and we switched to OWA/OMA

Thanks for all the input guys, I'm leaving the old BES server running on the old server for a while....

Thanks again!
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