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I am building an installer for a Windows form application in VB.NET.  I use the Setup Wizard to build the installer.  The installer just has a plain generic look of a windows form for the shortcut on user's desktop.  I have not found any instruction that shows how to add an image icon for the short cut.  Anybody has information how to do this, please give me a hint.  Also, the app.config file shows up on the desktop as well. That is kind of odd to have configuration file appears on the desktop together with the shortcut icon.  Any body knows how to not to show it there and the shortcut still works.  Thanks.
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Something is wrong with your installation, usually it has special icon. I suggest that you create new trivial application, build installation for it, and make sure it's ok. If not, then you probably need to repair your visual studio. If yes, then re-do your setup project for the main application. As for app.config, look in the setup project and check where app.config is, or where primary output is.
Rory de LeurConsultant End-User Computing
Why not try to give your executable (main program) the correct icon? If done correctly the wix build will use the icon to create an advertised shortcut. And why app.config shows up on the desktop looks like that file is added to the same component that installs the desktop-shortcut (each component in a msi has a install path, and each component can contain 1 or more files/objects)


I have made it worked.  I followed different approach to build the installer and it worked fine.  I used to use the Setup Wizard to make the installer but I changed to make the installer using the Setup Project.  Thank you for replying my question.  

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