copy share directory to another volume

I would like to copy a shared folder off the root share from one drive to another on the same 2008 server and retain all the folder shares and permissions.

My first thought is to use robocopy, but then I read of a MS utilty with nore  granular functionality called RichCopy GUI.
I wanrt to make sure all share/NTFS permissions, file attributes - everything is an exact mirror.
Any help?
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I hadnt seen that one, but I dont know if either actually copy the Sharing data.....

You might want to run a "net share" on the current share, and then restore it after the copy using net share.....

Unless you are talking massive amounts of ACL info....
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
It can be any utility, I dont care, as long as it does its job correctly. Its about a 12 GB folder.
RoboCopy will do this - why not use it?  
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Interesting... Didnt think Robocopy did Share Permissions.....

Can you provide the syntax?
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
Looking at my question again, I should have rephrased it.

Can someone show me the syntax I need to use to copy a shared folder folder and all of its - subfolders, files, permissions and attributs to another drive? Basically mirroring the same exact folder on another drive.

I dont care what utility it is - as long as I can do it sucessfully.

robocopy source<drive letter or unc path> destination<drive letter or unc path> /e /copyall /r:5 /w:5 /v /log:<drive or uncpath + filename.log> /tee

This will put the output on the screen and log to the filepath and name you specify above.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Robocopy will copy the NTFS permissions but not the share permissions. If the share permissions are not complex (they rarely are), then if you copy the folder(s) with robocopy then its easy to set the share permissions manually.

Alternatively, you can use Windows Backup to copy the folder to a usb drive, then use Windows Backup to restore to the other machine, again permissions will be retained.

tolinromeAuthor Commented:
When I use:

robocopy source e:\user data destination e:\test user data /e /copyall /r:5 /w:5 /v log: e:\test user data + copy.log /tee

I get the error:

Error: invalid parameter #5 : 'e:\test'
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
because test user has a space in it then the whole of that parameter must go in quotes
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
can you look at the command tell me where the quotes would go, still getting errors

robocopy source e:\user data destination e:\test user data /e /copyall /r:5 /w:5 /v log: e:\test user data + copy.log /tee
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The syntax would be something like

robocopy "d:\user data\*.*"  "e:\test user data" /copyall

/copyall copies the lot (including permissions and ownership

you dont need the  words source and destination
Sorry - You don't actually type the words "source" or "destination".  Also, if there are any spaces in your path name, make sure to enclose them with " ".

So, your command would be:
robocopy "e:\user data" "e:\test user data" /e /copyall /r:5 /w:5 /v /log:c:\LogFile.log:"

You have listed  e: in the source and destination - is this what you want? If not, use the drive letters you need.

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