How to Install VMWare Tools on VMWare Server (Ubuntu)

I installed Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 as a guest OS, and the nic won't start. Everything I read tells me to reinstall vmware-tools on the box. I can't find vmware tools. What package do I need to install and where can I donwload it?

I am running:

AboutOKVMware Infrastructure Web AccessVersion 2.0.0Build 116487VMware ServerVersion 2.0.0Build 116503Copyright © 1998-2008 VMware, Inc.

Ubuntu Server 2.6.24-19-server

PS... this is a production box, so I would prefer not to blow it up.
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you see the VMware menu around your virtual machine (when not in full screen mode)? There should be a menu pick to install or reinstall the VMware Tools. There is in VMware Workstation, but I not certain how WMware Server 2 presents that function. ... Thinkpads_User
vmwarun - ArunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to find a Windows.iso file in your VMware Server installation directory. This is the ISO file which is used by the VMware Tools mount option when you click the "Install VMware Tools" which is available from the Virtual Machine Menu.

Once you find it, extract the contents and copy the same to your Virtual Machine and run setup.exe to complete VMware Tools installation.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks, and I was pleased to asssit. ... Thinkpads_User
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