hide outgoing call notifications

Hi experts,

How can I hide outgoing call notification? Let me explain it please, when we make a call, screen shows "Dialing..." <number>; I have to hide this screen when dialing call. I will really appreciate if any one can help me following C# or Vb.Net.

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mukesh39Author Commented:
Waiting for reply!!!
The SDK has an example - I posted the link in your previous question.

And to this CodeProject article:

mukesh39Author Commented:
No sir,

I need to hide screens that say when we dial number like "Dialing..." on phone and screen which say "Connected" when we are connected.

Please I need help, if u can paste piece of code that can intercept and hide screen.

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I'm afraid I can propose now something else but to look for that window with trivial FindWindow.
Something like:

HWND hwnd = FindWindow(L"Dialog", L"Phone");
ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_HIDE);

Sorry, it is C++ and I really don't know how it will work with the phone application. I've never tried it. It works for a standard application.


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Small question - if you will hide this window, how the user is supposed to cancel the call?
I do not like Microsoft but in this case I'm going to agree with them - firstly, it is the phone, so it has to function always.
Also you can bring to the top your application and it will cover the phone window - your application receives WM_ACTIVATE when this phone application starts up.

The links I posted allowed to initiate the call without the standard windows phone application.
mukesh39Author Commented:
Small question - if you will hide this window, how the user is supposed to cancel the call?
Using application, user can cancel call. I have put code to handle it via our application.

I tried
HWND hwnd = FindWindow(L"Dialog", L"Phone");
ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_HIDE);


HWND hwnd = FindWindow(L"Dialog", L"Dialing...");
ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_HIDE);

But itdid not work. I really need help on this issue. Please help me to hide Dialing and connected screen.

I thought that this windows is a dialog and, probably, has "Phone" name. You need to investigate it yourself. You can use Spy, if it will work. You can enumerate windows on your device. You can simply put NULL instead of the first parameter.
I found an article about your subject:
How to manage incoming call with OpenNetCf TAPI (Windows Mobile C#)

Looks interesting.

About the question - you can test on your phone - if when you see this Dial screen you press the Home button on the phone, what happens? So you can emulate the keyboard events to hide this dial window too.

I hope that the ShowWindow(hPhoneWnd, SW_HIDE) will work. You simply need to find this window.

Here is MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.windowsmobile.status.systemproperty.aspx

This is TAPI project on CodePlex: http://tapi.codeplex.com/

I attached the code that's supposed to make the phone call.

You can find yourself in MSDN about Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Telephony.
Here you will see how to make the phone call:

#include <phone.h>

void MakePhoneCall(const wchar_t* number)
    memset(&call, 0x0, sizeof(PHONEMAKECALLINFO));
    call.cbSize = sizeof(PHONEMAKECALLINFO);
    call.dwFlags = PMCF_DEFAULT;
    call.pszDestAddress = number;

Open in new window

mukesh39Author Commented:
Solution us partial, as I requested c# or vb.net but i is in c++
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