Entered incorrect DNS record and get redirected to wrong server

I made an edit to my DNS on my Windows Server SBS 2008, (Server A), which is my domain controller to add an 'A' record to another server , (Server B), on my network. It appears that I entered the wrong IP to the other server because when I remote desktop to the server A I actually get server B. (even when I enter the correct IP to server A rather than the name). So I thought I would simply go into the vmware console and change my DNS entry but when I login to the vSphere client and slect Server A and then the console tab I get the SBS 2008 login and enter my username and password but once in I get redirected to Server B. Is there way to get around this so I can get in to make my changes?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Hmm..I guess what I would do is 1st, flush the dns cache on your local workstation (go to CMD prompt then type "ipconfig /flushdns", but without the quotes). Then, ping each server by it's hostname. Hopefully, that will give you its current IP. Then, try using whatever the messed up (but new) IP address is to RDP to your server instead of using the hostname.

seisAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the super fast reponse and the trouble shooting tip it was certainly a good idea and got me to the real fix which was that I had remote desktop running on server 'A' in full screen mode to server 'B' sooooooo... when I remoted into server 'A' via the RDP or the vmware console it appeared to be redirecting me to server 'B' I did not notice the remote desktop banner at the top of the screen when I logged into the vSphere client. (my bad... as I bang my head on the top of my desk). Thanks again!
Ahh...the old RDP full screen confusion issue! :P ha  Glad you're fixed now. :)
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