Migrate physical Windows 2008 server to VMware ESXi machine

I have a physical windows 2008 server which I want to move to a vmware virtual machine.  This machine is a domain controller

I have tried using the vmware conversion tool, however when I get to the last page of the wizard it wants me to put in new details for the machine name, owner, license details, security ID and domain details.   Since this is a domain controller I dont want to do this - I just want to clone it completely (as is) to the esxi machine as a VM.

Can someone tells me how I can avoid having to update all the machine details.
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I don't recommended to P2V a DC.  I suggest spinning up a new Win2008 VM and run dcpromo.  Transfer the FSMO roles and wait for replication to complete.


When you are content that the new VM DC is performing appropriately, demote the physical DC.

yes vmware advises against doing dc to vm using p2v ie converter standalone
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