SBS 2008 Black screen with scan after Windows Updates

The last two times I have applied windows updates to one of our SBS 2008 Standard servers, the machine reboots into a black screen with some sort of "scan" running with the following text (also see attached screenshot):

11669/16814 (\Registry\machine\Schema\wcm://Microsoft-windows-IE-Plugg...) where the 11669 is an incrementing number.  

Once it hits the final number, the machine finishes booting and gets to the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen.  The problem is, this "scan" takes almost 4-5 hours to complete.  Something has to be wrong here -- there's no way this is normal.

Any ideas what this "scan" is, and why it takes so long to complete after windows updates are applied?

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talphiusConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Anyone else have any ideas on this?
B HCommented:
it looks like you have SFC running at every bootup...

when you get into windows issue this:
sfc /revert

here for more info:
talphiusAuthor Commented:
It doesn't seem to do it after every boot though -- only after windows updates are applied.  Is this normal behavior?  Since it's in a default (out of box) state now, should RFC really be turned off\reverted?

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B HCommented:
hmm if only after windows updates, that tells me the server isn't rebooting properly... if the server thinks it shut down improperly, it'll run a few scans on the way back up.

are windows updates installing automatically and rebooting automatically?  that's a really bad idea.

next time you have the chance, install the updates manually, and tell it 'restart later'  then go restart the server the right way yourself
talphiusAuthor Commented:
No - windows updates are downloading automatically and prompting for install so that we can do it during a set window.  We manually install them, then choose reboot later.  Then I reboot normally -- no errors regarding the updates, all were applied successfully.  Nothing obvious during the reboot either -- it just drops into that 'scan' screen and chews up 4-5 hours running it...
B HCommented:
anything in the event logs about why it's happening?
talphiusAuthor Commented:
nope,  nothing at all.  Just shows the patches applied successfully and waiting for a reboot.  Then the normal messages regarding the reboot.  Nothing showing the scan at all
I have a SBS2008 server scanning the registry too... very slow... hope it boots as you mention above. I will wait for it to end not to break it... Anyone knows more about this?
I've seen Windows7 machines doing the same thing. I guess it is normal behavour after a one or other update.
I had the same issue, but was in a hurry, unfortunatly the server was hardbooted.
After reboot login in with the admin or domain admin login resulted in a blank black screen.
Login in with a RDP session using the console gave the same résult and unability to have a GUI


Open the RDP client on Windows XP/Vista/7 then go to option then go to
Option/Programme --[ i may thin its differ on an english version maybe "application" ] --
then type

then login in your RDP client then  breath back :)

Thanks to the free trial i entered in the community

have fun

B HCommented:
in english i think you mean:

open the remote desktop client, go to options, go to the 'programs' tab, put a checkmark by 'start the following program on connection' and give it:

which would only work on a 64bit machine... so...  if 32bit maybe this:
Anyone knows anything about this - taking several hours to come up after an update.
It seems to me that it is not all updates that is causing this. It is a very long scan through registry and during that time there is no control of the server what so ever
I've had this exact same thing with a client's server after a rollup update. The server was scanning for 4 hours so I rang the SBS team at Microsoft. They assured me that this is normal behavior for some updates. I spose the answer is to reboot manually in the evenings?
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