fxs port not working

Hi there,
I've a 2611 XM router with an FXS card and FXO card each. FXS seems not to be working..When I plug in, no dialtone..If I do show voice-port summary, then it recognizes the port in on-hook state. However, if i lift the reciever which should change the state to off-hook, it doesnt happen and there is no dial-tone; state is still on-hook ... I've reinserted the voice module card in and swapped the slots of fxo and fxs but still the same ... Do I need to configure something in voice-port to enable dialtone or it should be automatic as soon as i plug in the phone ? Is it possible tht the fxs might be faulty but then the router recognizes it in voice-port summary command...

thanks ...
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greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
if you do a show inv do you see any dsp modules?
Have you set up a .T dial peer for the fxo port ?
nabeel92Author Commented:
yes i can see the 2 fxs ports in show inv ... whats the point in setting .T dial peer for FXO port with detecting a tone in FXS port ?
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
the show inv has to show dsp

NAME: "DSP Module Slot 1", DESCR: "Packet Voice DSP Module Slot 1"
PID: Packet Voice DSP Module Slot 1, VID:    , SN:            
NAME: "DSP Module 1", DESCR: "Packet Voice DSP Module with 1 C549 DSPs"
PID: Packet Voice DSP Module with 1 C549 DSPs, VID: 2.2, SN: ICP043902KS
without a dsp module the router cant handle sound.
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nabeel92Author Commented:
I have the show diag command supported on my platform ... output given below

Slot 1:      
        4 PORT Voice PM for C2600 Port adapter                                              
        Port adapter is analyzed                                
        Port adapter insertion time unknown                                          
        EEPROM contents at hardware discovery:                                              
        Hardware revision 1.1           Board revision H0                                                        
        Serial number     26337601      Part number    800-02491-02                                                                  
        FRU Part Number:  NM-2V=                                

        Test history      0x0           RMA number     00-00-00                                                              
        EEPROM format version 1                              
        EEPROM contents (hex):                              
          0x20: 01 65 01 01 01 91 E1 41 50 09 BB 02 00 00 00 00                                                              
          0x30: 88 00 00 00 01 08 13 17 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF                                                              

        VIC Slot 0:
        FXS Voice daughter card (2 port)
        Hardware revision 1.1           Board revision B0
        Serial number     24379260      Part number    800-02493-04
        Test history      0x0           RMA number     00-00-00
        Connector type    Wan Module
        EEPROM format version 1
        EEPROM contents (hex):
          0x20: 01 0E 01 01 01 73 FF 7C 50 09 BD 04 00 00 00 00
          0x30: 58 00 00 00 01 01 13 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

        VIC Slot 1:
        FXO Voice daughter card (2 port)
        Hardware revision 1.1           Board revision C0
        Serial number     10249899      Part number    800-02495-01
        Test history      0x0           RMA number     00-00-00
        Connector type    Wan Module
        EEPROM format version 1
        EEPROM contents (hex):
          0x20: 01 0D 01 01 00 9C 66 AB 50 09 BF 01 00 00 00 00
          0x30: 60 00 00 00 98 10 02 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

Then, if i do show voice port summary

Router#show voice port summary
                                  IN      OUT
====== == ========== ===== ==== ======== ======== ==
1/0/0  -- fxs-ls     up    dorm on-hook  idle     y
1/0/1  -- fxs-ls     up    dorm on-hook  idle     y
1/1/0  -- fxo-gs     up    dorm idle     on-hook  y
1/1/1  -- fxo-gs     up    dorm idle     on-hook  y

also, the fxo line works fine coz i can terminate my pstn line into fxo and use it as a gateway for pstn calls ... its just the fxs ...
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
show voice dsp should looks omething like this
Group 0:
 Current allocated analog signalling channels: 6
 Current free analog signalling channels: 0
 Current allocated digital signalling channels: 0
 Current free digital signalling channels: 72
 Port(s) served: 2/0  2/1  3/0  3/1  3/2  3/3
 Current Available MIPS: 550
 SPMM  DSPRM  State   Image     D-sig  D-sig     A-sig  A-sig  Mips Voice/Xcode
  Dsp   Dsp                  allocate   free  allocate   free  Free     Chan
  0/0     0      UP   FIXHC         0      0         2      0    50        1
  0/1     1      UP   FIXMC         0      0         4      0   100        0
  0/2     2      UP   FLEX6         0      6         0      0   100        0
  0/3     3      UP   FLEX6         0      6         0      0   100        0
  0/4     4      UP   FLEX6         0      6         0      0   100        0
  1/0     5      UP   FLEX6         0      6         0      0   100        0
I get a dial tone when i pick up the phone.
have you given it a number?
voice-port 1/0/0
 station-id number 123
dial-peer voice 10 pots
 destination-pattern 123

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nabeel92Author Commented:
I configured it exactly the same as you suggested. Given below is my output for show voice dsp

Router#sh voice dsp

DSP  DSP             DSPWARE CURR  BOOT                         PAK     TX/RX

==== === == ======== ======= ===== ======= === == ========= == ===== ===========
C542 001 01 g711ulaw  3.4.55 IDLE  idle      0  0 1/0/0     NA     0      542/54
C542 002 01 g711ulaw  3.4.55 IDLE  idle      0  0 1/0/1     NA     0      535/53
C542 003 01 g711ulaw  3.4.55 IDLE  idle      0  0 1/1/0     NA     0      541/55
C542 004 01 g711ulaw  3.4.55 IDLE  idle      0  0 1/1/1     NA     0      535/53

Given below is an output of show version ..

Router#sh version                
Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software                                            
IOS (tm) C2600 Software (C2600-IS-M), Version 12.2(32), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)                                                                              
Copyright (c) 1986-2005 by cisco Systems, Inc.                                  
Compiled Fri 02-Dec-05 22:16 by
Image text-base: 0x8000808C, data-base: 0x8111C164

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(7r) [cmong 7r], RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Router uptime is 5 minutes
System returned to ROM by power-on
System image file is "flash:c2600-is-mz.122-32.bin"

cisco 2611XM (MPC860P) processor (revision 0x100) with 56320K/9216K bytes of mem
Processor board ID JAD06370FTN (1097025025)
M860 processor: part number 0, mask 49
Bridging software.
X.25 software, Version 3.0.0.
2 FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)
2 Voice FXO interface(s)
2 Voice FXS interface(s)
32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
32768K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

Configuration register is 0x2102

I'm not even sure if running config or IOS version has anything to do with fxs port not being able to generate dialtone..shudnt it be a hardware generated function ?
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:

Looks like you do have a voice ios.
Below cisco dial tone troubleshooter
Im not sure if its hardware or generated as part of cptone.
nabeel92Author Commented:
ive given it to the reseller and hoping they wud return back to me with what is wrong ?
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