How can I resend an sccm package that went into failure but had a source update

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please advise, i am a newby.
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Rightclick on the distribiution points of tht package -> Update distribution point

Or you mean to install it once more on the clients?! Then Rightclick the advertisement and click on Re-Run Advertisement

Hello itbabe,

If you're looking for a start to finish method, here you go:

At Software Distribution – Packages:
* right-click on the package and choose Properties
* click the Data Source tab
* make note of the Source Directory path

At Software Distribution – Advertisements:
* right-click – Disable Program for the associated Advertisement
* click Yes to disable
* right-click on the Advertisement and choose Properties
* at the General tab – Collection, change this to a different Collection for testing (remember/write down the original Collection).

At source directory:
* make changes to the files located at the Source Directory

At Software Distribution – Packages:
* right-click on the package and choose Update Distribution Points
* click Yes to update the Distribution Points
* verify that the Source Version has successfully updated by browsing the Package Status, sites.  Note:  the Source Version should now be one version higher

At Software Distribution – Advertisements:
* right-click – Enable Program for the Advertisement

At this point you are setup for the redeployment of the package.  Watch the test results carefully from the “test” Collection you setup.  If everything went well, change the target Collection back to the original.

One thing to be careful of - particularly if you are trying to update a large package while it's being rolled.  We have seen the situation where we tried to update the source contents while a big roll out was under way, we had a number of Client PCs where the file versions got out of sync with the version on the DP.  

The DPs said they had version 2 of the files. Some clients wouldn't install as they were looking for version 1 on the DPs (reported within the clients log files.)  We left the clients for a couple of days and they didn't sort themselves out.  We then told the DPs to update contents of the package.  The DPs then said they had version 3, the clients then failed saying they were looking for version 2!

If you get yourself in this situation, the only thing we found to do was to recreate the package.

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