Dead Windows 2000 SErver with software RAID

I have a dead Windows 2000 Server with a software RAID.  Received SMART Errors on primary drive, and then blue screens on boot.  Drives can be pulled and seen in another computer via USB cable, but when I activate disk, all I see is "failed"  

Any ideas,  your help is greatly appreciated.
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GerhardpetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to try cloning the drives and running fdisk on them before booting. I have done this on a hardware RAID 1 setup which work but never tried it on a software RAID.

Is is RAID 0 or 1?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If its a software RAID drive then you have to move all the raid drives to the other machine to malke the data usable.
Time to get your backup out !!
perhaps the original windows installation created the software array with an identification tag that is not recognized by another windows installation.
jstallings74Author Commented:
Thanks, I have not yet tried moving both drives to another machine.   That can be done.  The primary drive is not dead, just has some corrupt files that cause it not to boot.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
When you say RAID, which raid is it. I assume its RAID 0 (stripped volume), while this version of raid makes i/o operations a bit faster there is no fault tollerance - if one disk fails you lose the lot.

You say the drive is not dead, but SMART errors are not a sign of good health. I do hope you have a backup.
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