"Log On To.." Active Directory Keeps Defaulting Back To A Set List

Hi All

Have an EBS installation which has suddenly cropped up with a strange problem with users logging on to machines on the network.

For some reason all users have had a set list of PC's applied to them that they are allowed to log on to. This list is, for some odd reason, a list of all the servers on the network and no actual user PC's. On setting the User back to use "All Computers" this setting works for a while and then it defaults back to the same list of servers.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? And if so, how to stop it?

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated as this company has 170 users that wont be able to log in tomorrow morning.

Thanks in advance.

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vindenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is almost certainly related to licenses. I had the exact same issue and seen other people with the exact same issue.

You need to check the EBS Console Licensing tab and see if there's anything out of the ordinary (red crosses, temporary licenses being used instead of valid CALs, etc.).

I've also vaguely read somewhere from someone who opened a call at Microsoft that in EBS you have to assign licenses to users (in the same EBS Console) rather than computers.

Anyway, the reason why the users are only allowed to log on to servers is because of licensing issues, no doubt. If you manually adjust the "log on to" property it gets reset every 8 hours or so as long as the licensing is not in order.
check your Group policys

does anyone has access to them but you ?

run a gpresults on one machine to see what took affect
(for starters)

Carpe Diem
So for the sake of clarity : you will probably have to buy EBS user CALs or assign the ones that you already have to users in the EBS Console.
I gave the only reason why this can happen and the author didnt gave feedback since.
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