Communication between php based websites and Java servlet based websites

Hi, I want to get a big picture of how a php based website communicate with a Java Servlet based website. To be more specific, I would like to know:

1) Can both websites share a same database, file system, exchange web contents and communication at application level easily?

2) Will there be any technical issues that will impact the performance of each, such as stability, response time, etc.?

3) If I build a search engine solution (Nutch/Lucene) for both websites to use, what will be the potential issues?

4) If the contents of one website are mainly English while that of the other one or two Asian languages, will there be any issues related to the underlying development languages?

Many thanks.
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1 -> technically yes, it can share DB, File System, webcontent etc. communication at application level is possible thro http calls, or REST services

2 -> ther might be some impact on the response time, stability depends. if tere are may application level communication then performance might get hit.

3 ->  not sure - ideally it should be transparent for both applciations

4 -> this is just a localization issue, nothing to do with the development langauages
Ray PaseurCommented:
Regarding question #2, that is why someone would get a degree in computer science - so you would be able to know the answer to the broad questions like that!

Communication between applications, either on the same site or on different sites, is often accomplished by a RESTful interface.  REST makes a multitude of issues disappear.  One of the best examples of REST is the Yahoo geocoder API.  There is good documentation on the web site, here:

HTH, ~Ray
ddzz2010Author Commented:
Could be more specific.
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