Windows XP not remembering password for network drive

I have set a series of shared folders on a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine for sharing over the network, with access restricted depending on username.

I created users as Limited Users on the server machine with passwords but those people will never log onto the server, their accounts are only for the network drives.

On the server, there are users User1, UserA, UserB, UserC and \\server\folderA \\server\folderB and \\server\folderC.  UserA can use folderA, UserB can use folderB, UserC can use folderC while User1 can use all three.

I mapped each folder to a drive letter on the workstations, and it all works great - selecting "Use different credentials" on the Connect Network Drive window and giving the User1, UserA, UserB etc details (which are different from the individual workstation login names/passwords).

It works great, but every time I reboot a workstation PC, I need to reenter the password.  The usernames are saved, but never the passwords.  What to do?

In case it is relevant, UserA/UserB/UserC are all plain Users (not Administrators) on their respective workstations, but I'm sure it is not relevant because User1 is an Administrator on his workstation and the problem is the same.
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Ady FootConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
You need to create 'saved credentials' for each of these users within the Users and Accounts section of the Control Panel.  The following ought to help:


RedLondonAuthor Commented:
I never even noticed that in the Related Tasks box - that's exactly it, many thanks

Ady FootSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
You're very welcome.  Please don't forget to close this question properly now (he says with his cleanup volunteer hat on).


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