is there a free version of VMware ESXi and vSphere?

Ok,  so I installed VMware ESXi 4.0 on a system.   The VMware website said that it was free.  Awesome...    

So I connect to the host and i am presented with a welcome page.   It says if I want to connect to the host remotely then I should install vSphere client.   OK, So I did that.   Launched the client and logged in and am greeted by this warning:    

 "Your evaluation license will expire within 60 days!  When the evaluation license expires, ESX host may stop managing all virtual machines in its inventory.  In order to manage these machines you must upgrade your ESX host license."

I am using VMWare ESXi 4.0.0 (208167) on the host and vSphere client version 4.0.0  (208111)

Can anyone clarify for me what I am doing wrong.  I thought that this setup was free.  What is it that I need to upgrade exactly.   I am brand new to VMWare.  This is my very first experience with it,  so please explain your answer if you dont mind.    Thanks in advance.

PS,  If it is not free,  I welcome any suggestions to free alternatives.  I have a server running in a VM on a windows box now that I would like to virtualize on a bare metal box.
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That's because you still need a license for ESXi. When you downloaded ESXi, there is a license key that is also presented (it's not necessarily "blaringly" obvious though). Just go through the redownload process and you can retrieve your key. Then, add the key under the Config tab -> Licensing (copy and paste it in).


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So, to more explicitly answer your question - yes, ESXi is free, but a license is still needed or you get that "60-day evaluation" message when you log into the host with vSphere Client. You didn't do anything wrong, except didn't download your license. :)

TSCATAuthor Commented:
I knew it had to be something simple like that.   Thanks bud, that worked.
vSphere Client software is also a freware ??
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