toshiba m-45 s-265 wont boot up after pre-boot eXecution Envirionment

I have the m-45 s-265 laptop, it all of the sudden decided not to boot up, I thought that maybe a problem with ram or harddrive and since I wanted to do an upgrade to both didnt worry about which was the problem and now I realize niether was becuase I am stuck with the same issue being:
I loaded freebsd, it seems to load but then when os goes to boot for the first time the boot process does not get passed the Pre-boot execution environment (PXE)v2.1
PXE-E61 media test failure, check cable... (no cable attached so fine)
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
'no bootable cdrom'    ...flashes on the screen, so it seems to boot process does not even look for the harddrive although I can see the littel harddrive light blinking....I have change the bios boot sequence various times... Hdd, cdrom , etc... but to no avail...any ideas???
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The light you see there also flashes when your DVD rom is active so that means nothing. What you should do is to go into the bios and see if your harddrive is listed and the right info about it is seen there. You might also want to check for your bos configurations. If you do not see the HDD in the bios, your machine is not seeing the drive. If however it is there you will want to try a test like the HDD test in Ubuntu. I think you must be sure that the drive accessible in the first place before we proceed...
solunatecAuthor Commented:
says in bios
Built-in HDD = Primary IDE(1foh/irq14)
Built-in ODD= Secondary IDE(17oh/IRQ15)

its a toshiba hard drive so I cant tell whats there, looks generic, bit as I sadi i had bought another new harddrive


HDD Password
Hdd pasword mode = user
User Password = not registered .... so I assume this is fine here....
Ok then do this: Grab a windows XP installation CD and boot from it. Then walk throught the installation to see if it installs successfully. Chances are that your new HDD has no partitions. By default, any computer will skip the HDD to the CD rom for booting as long as there is no partition on the drive. If a partition exists but no boot record, you'll see a "No operating system found" error. but if you do not get this error, then you need to check your partitions. So you try the XP installation and lets see if it works then we can move on to loading Freebsd.

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actually, you can check if the hardware is ok by running from any live cd.
Personally, i prefer Knoppix, since it let's me copy data, access the net, etc..
solunatecAuthor Commented:
a normal windowsxp did not solve the problem completely but I found my toshiba cd and it install a file called tbios which I was missing or had been corrupted...
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