Safely remove old 2003 Domain Controller from AD Environment


3 years ago I upgraded an NT4 machine to Server 2003 and created a new domain.  I then added 2 brand new server 2003 DCs, DC1 and DC2 and moved all roles and everything.  I then powered down the original machine.

The original machine is still in AD as a DC.  I would like to remove it completely in the best possible way.  When I power it on and try DCPROMO it says it cannot contact the DC and something about an invalid account.

Do I have to do a force remove dcpromo or is there another way?

NOTE - This DC is not crashed and is a virtual machine so I can bring it up any time.

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snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can run dcpromo /forceremoval and then do a metadata cleanup.
Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How long has the domain controller been offline?
If more than 60 days then it will be tombstoned.

You will have to do a METADATA cleanup as per the petri link above.

You will also need to check all the FSMO roles are held by one of the live servers. As per:

you will also need to clean any DNS entries that may be lingering around.
btnyAuthor Commented:
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