New harddrive, clean W7 install DellPrecision670 super slow now.

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Took computer to geek squad, data backup, then installed new 500 GB drive.  New Windows 7 installed as well.  Had 40GB drive, and one GB ram before, upgraded the new system to 4 GB ram, and now way, way slower than before.  I had asked the GeekSquad to partition the drive to like 100GB, and 400 of free, they said it was not neccessary, especially with clean instal and more ram.  To add more ram to speed it up requires costly Memory Fan to run more than 4GB on this system.  Any advice how to speed it back up?  

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First off, unless it's REALLY high performance RAM, there should be no need for a fan. Doesn't hurt, but most likely not necessary. There is also no way to know if the RAM you had installed is compatible with your particular motherboard without running a memory diagnostic.

I would download burn the image to CD, then boot off of it. If it doesn't show any errors, then RAM might not be the problem. I'd also check to see which version of Windows 7 you have. The 32 bit version or the 64 bit version, and post back with your results.
Although CrytalMethod is right about getting high performance ram, 4GB of any RAM should show some level of snappiness. If the memory test mentioned above comes up with no negative results make sure all of your drivers are up to date and your system is optimized (cleanmgr, dfrg.msc). Uninstall any bloatware that GeekSquad installed, uninstall Norton, Mcafee and install a better, lighter antivirus, like Microsoft Security Essentials.
" 4GB of any RAM should show some level of snappiness."

This is the reason I asked aout which version of Windows 7 he is using. If he's got the 64 bit version, he should be fine. But, if he's got the 32 bit version then he should check to see if his motherboard supports "Memory Hole Remapping" in the BIOS.
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It would be interesting to hear what other software you have on this system.
What programs are running at start-up? What other peripherals are attached to the system etc.


The only other software is MS Office 2007.  A Dell Precision 670 is 64bit, correct?  They installed windows7 32 bit version.  I think that might be the problem if my motherboard, processor etc. is 64bit.  Memory diagnostic check showed correct Memory, correct manufacturer, same as OEM.


Is a Dell Precision 670 even compatible with Win. 7? I went to and they list no driver updates for a Dell 670 under Win. 7-Is this computer then obsolete to Win. 7?
The 64 bit processor has no problems running a 32-bit operating system. In fact it should be a little less resource needy.

Do you have any anti-virus programs installed on it?

Did you run the memory check as recommended above? You can also run a Windows Memory diagnostic included with Windows 7.

Start, then in "search programs and files" type : memory and it will list it for you.
Run that and see if it finds any problems if you aren't comfortable running an ISO disk.
I found this in the Dell Community , Googled "Dell Precision 670 windows 7"

So it seems that it does work.
Did you update all the drivers yourself? Are all devices currently working okay ?
Is it possible that they installed non ECC registered RAM? Usually a system that need ECC registered RAM won't even boot with regular RAM, but I've seen weirder things.


Super answers-Thanks! A+++++

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