BES Express 5.0 Login Problem on Windows 2003 Exchange 2003 SP2

I have installed BES Express with no problems but cannot log in to the web interface for :
- BlackBerry Administration Service
  (When I log in it always says The browser session has timed out.  Please log in again)
- BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager
  (When I log in it always returns me to the login screen)

I am using Blackberry Authentication but I tried installing using Windows Authentication and it failed the same way.
I think the issue may be SQL related but I'm not sure what else to do.

Installation Details
BES express is running on the only server in the organization.  I was running Blackberry professional server successfully and the owner switched phones forcing me to upgrade to  BES Express.  I removed the Blackberry professional server  install and deleted all folders related to the program.  I then installed BES express.  

All permission prerequisites were already in place from the prior install.
- Start install and choose Blackberry Enterprise server.
- Passed the preinstall checklist
- Installed SQL Server 2005 Express
- Set the user account as besadmin  ( not a domain admin and set to use DES encryption)
- Specified my server
- Install and Rebooted
- Local database called {server name}\BLACKBERRY
         - database = BESMgmt
         - took default port of dynamic
         - used window autentication
- It successfully created this as a new database
- Successfully entered and checked Blackberry CAL and SRP information
- The exchange mailbox connection for besadmin succeeds
- For the admin settings I kept all defaults and specified a password for the SSL certificate
- Specify the domain credentials  (besadmin / / password for besadmin)
- I then opted to use the B.A.S. login.  Initially I did an install with the windows login and
  that failed as well.
- started all services successfully
- Finish installation

At this point logins failed via the HTML interface and I looked up everything I could find to resolve the issue.  The following article and several others led me to make these changes.

Change 1
Go into the SQL Server Configuration Manager and manually set the TCP ports to 1433 as seen in the screen capture in the article above.

Change 2
I enabled “compatibility mode” for all pages

Change 3
The BES 5.0 installer generated its own SSL certificate so I installed it to the Trusted Root Cetification Authorites Store to ensure the page was trusted.

Change 4
I added the site https://{} to the "trusted sites" list and the "Local Intranet" list with security options set to low
I have no BES or SQL errors in my logs and need help fast.  I'm out of ideas.
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:
mcseholmesAuthor Commented:
Thanks shreedhar but this was one of the articles I referenced.  I did get the issue resolved though.  
The solution was to use the URL

https://{server IP address}:3443/webconsole/login

https://{server IP address}:webdesktop/login

I then ignore the certificate warning and log in with BES credentials successfully.

The certificate matches the layout for {} so maybe the issue is in using the certificate the BESx application generated somehow.  In any event the IP address workaround seemed to do the trick.

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Thanks for the solution. That seems to work fine for me as well.
In my case, this is a 2003 R2 server that is a domain member and reserved for BES only.
It is BESx 5.0.2  I would agree that perhaps the issue has something to do with the SSL cert.

Still looking for a proper solution though.
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