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I am planning to install a security wireless IP camera for my entrance. I want to put it on the tree and the problem is my electrical plug is 80 feet away. I did some research and all of the security wireless camera need a power supply. Is there any security wireless camera that runs on battery? If not how would I run the power supply from the tree to the house? Thanks
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
if you want something that will last and won’t require battery replacement every day then you should get an electrician to install a waterproof socket in your garden and then use that socket for your camera 24/7 and you can also use it for other garden activities and machinery.

Also before you buy a camera make sure that it supports night vision and motion detector as you probably don't want to record 24/7 if there is no movement.
There are many security cameras working on batteries. This is an example:

However, a better solution is to use ones that use solar power to keep them running like these:

Installing a power cable is possible as well. You just need good one (i.e. 6 mm) for that long distance.

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mynetAuthor Commented:
I think that solar security camera  is what I was thinking of. Thx
mynetAuthor Commented:
Well looking at the pricing, it may not be a solution for me.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
solar cameras are good but that solution might not work well for you if you put it on the tree especially if there is no direct sunlight for at least 4h/day in that area where you install it
Well, then you either use a battery power one (which I think would be annoying since you need to change/charge the battery regularly (e.g. the battery here needs to be recharge every 5 hrs http://www.ecost.com/detail.aspx?edp=41606447&source=EWBBASE&cm_mmc=CSE-_-google-_-ewbbase-_-Camera%2FCamcorder&CAWELAID=366938682)

OR install a power cord / extension like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Cable-Outdoor-Extension-100-Feet/dp/B001JTS6UC/ref=acc_glance_hi_ai_-2_t_1 (I think you can find a cheaper one in your local store)
Most small cameras operate at 12 VDC.  If the transformer (wall brick) is listed as UL type II or Type III, you can cut the cord and simply extend it with 18 AWG wire from Home Depot.  This type of power supply will not overheat or pose a risk of fire in the event the extended portion of the cable becomes shorted.  Absolutly not to code, but if it's your home, you decide.  Also, watch the polarity of the wires.  + and - are important!

I hope this helps!
As LUCK will always assist you, if you run a battery camera, you can bet that when you will need to record something...the camera won't work!

My advice is to use a normal camera with motion detection and infrared (very cheap nowdays).
make sure the camera you purchase is made for outdoor use and, if you purchase a box where to put the camera, make sure it has heating.
Concerning the cable, since outdoor using cameras usualy work at 110v (in USA) 220v in europe, the cable does not need to be big and it won't loose power at the distances you were talking about, while a 12v camera needs a bigger transformer than usual due to signal loss over distance.

In order to bring the cable from the tree to your house...depending on the situation you can either put it under terrain (using appropriate isolation tubes) or have a pole at 40 feet in order to avoid that the wind will have it move too much.

Sorry for my english!
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