migrate LAMP / joomla installation

I have a ubuntu desktop installation running in a microsoft virtual PC.  It is running a JOOMLA web server.   I have it configured it just the way I want it.   My issue now is that I want to migrate the web server to a different VM running Ubuntu Server on VMware ESXi.

I would like to know if it is possible migrate the webserver to this new installation.   Here is what I have installed on my web server:

The most important parts are the MYSQL and the Joomla,  as they contain the web content.   Ideally I could just copy everything so that the IP addresses and hostnames are all intact and I dont have to change any network settings...

Any guidance would be appreciated
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If you want everything on the new server to be just like the old one was, then the easiest solution would appear to be to simply import your Virtual PC VM into VMWare:

This will convert your existing installation into a VMWare virtual machine. There is no basic difference between Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server.
Paolo SantiangeliConsulente InformaticoCommented:
of course, no problems to the migration path you suggested.

have a looke here:

TSCATAuthor Commented:
Perfect.   Thanks
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