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Hi there,

I have an environment of 100 users and some of them have standalone and network versions. I am in the process of collecting which users have standalone and which users have network version. My question is what is the easiet why to find out these users? Is there any tool or how can I tell which user is using what.

Regards, Habib
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Asked:
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I personally use Baelarc Advisor.
It was to be run on each machine, but gives a complete list of the software installed on each machine.
It will also check each machines critical updates, and give a complete hardware configuration snapshot of each machine.

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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
I use Spiceworks as well, as part of a bigger scope of work.  You can scan all systems for a software inventory and then sort the list.  If you have network licensed versions, they may not show as networked, as they are local installed, and just reference a license service on a server (many systems could have the client installed, but if your only licensed for 10, then only 10 will be able to use the software at a time).

you may find it simpler to trace who all has AutoCAD, check how many licenses your covered for, and check who actually needs it - sort out the balance that way.

I'm sure some script experts could help with this also.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
sometimes easiest is simple.. perhaps just a mass email with instructions on how to check which 1 they have..?

then for those that dont answer a manual check..
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1) Start autocad
2) Select Help->About
3) Click the Product Information button.
Btw...if you post which autocad version your are looking at, I can point you to a registry key that will tell you. The value of the key is different depending which autocad version you are using.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
autocad 2009 -- standalone
On the installation DVD, there is a set of tools and Utilities, including a set of CAD Manager tools
Install that
Run the AutoDesk Product Manager
Installation type is one of hte fields it will report.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
The CAD manager does not show the difference between standalone and network version.
Any other ideas.
That's odd - mine does.  I had to scroll over pretty far to see it, and I haven't checked to see if you can add or subtract columns, but it definitely shows it.
I'm uploading a screenshot from mine - it's curious, it lists that AutoCAD Architecture is a network client, but does't provide that info for Max or Revit, both of which are also network clients, and it doesn't list Raster Design at all.
So, basically, strike my earlier suggestion, this is not a terribly reliable tool

I think this is still valid for 2009. 2010 and later I belive it's changed. The reg key still exists but the values are different and changing the values in the registry in the newer versions no longer changes standalone/network behavior like it did before.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Thank you for all your suggestions. I will have to distribute the points.
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