SharePoint AAM/VIP Configuration


I have a Sharepoint site as follows:

ServerA - Web
ServerB - Web
ServerC - Web

There is a single DB behind them -- though that should not apply to this question.

Right now, we have installed sharepoint on the three servers to the default IIS website...  When I look at the AAM Settings in the Admin console, I have:

Internal URL   -   Zone   -   Public URL For Zone
http://ServerA   -  Default -   http://ServerA

When I go to the website on any of the three servers, I get there fine.  When I go to it from the VIP (Virtual IP) - Supplied from a CSS Load Balancer,  I get nothing.  I have tried adding the SERVERFARM AAM but still nothing.  I have read all the MS Blogs and Technet stuff I can find but it is not working.  Anyone have any clue what exactly I need to do?

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mo1oneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a) Could you please try IS 8 in compatibility mode and check i.e. Tools --> Compatibility View Settings ?
b) From Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced --> Show Friendly HTTP error messages --> Turn this option off and please try again. This should give you the actual error message
The Virtual IP should translate to the IP of the Individual Servers.
Virtual IP --> Server 1 IP
               --> Server 2 IP
and so on.
Is it configured that way?
Darksied9Author Commented:
Yes, yes it is.
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not really knowing the CSS setup I would suggest to disbale IIS on serverB and serverC and create a blank website on ServerA just showing the default IIS startpage to make sure your CSS is setup correctly. Because if it was and this was somehow AAM related you should at least receive something back from the webservers. How is your CSS setup?
Darksied9Author Commented:
The CSS is pass and forward load balancing.  It is sending to the servers correctly and IE6/7 users get eh site.  IE8 users don't...going mad!
that's something different then, so only IE8 won't get tó the site, what error do they get? Sounds like some Authentication problem. Did you check IE settings are the same across all versions?
Darksied9Author Commented:
Based on your feedback, I determined the error and was able to straiten out the AAMs and the host headers fromIE8 and IE6 were coming in differently...odd.
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