Encounter error when schedule task to send email in Server 2008

This is the error message:
Cannot modify or delete an object that was not added using COM+ Admin SDK (0x8004020D)

Can anyone help?
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Text from:  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/winservergen/thread/f087c57c-57b8-4c7f-ba2a-feb04c51f5ba

If a task attempts to send an e-mail, but the e-mail doesn't get sent correctly, first make sure that the settings for the e-mail action on the task are set correctly. The e-mail action must have a valid value for the SMTP server, To, and From settings. For more information about these settings, please refer to the following article:


Make sure the SMTP server that sends the e-mail is setup correctly. E-mail is sent using NTLM authentication for Windows SMTP servers, which means that the security credentials used for running the task must also have privileges on the SMTP server to send e-mail. If the SMTP server is a non-Windows based server, then the e-mail will be sent if the server allows anonymous access.

For information about setting up the SMTP server, please see the following article:
SMTP Server Setup

And for information about managing SMTP server settings, please see the following article:
SMTP Administration
Hello sepknow!

Please review the post specifically by the MS moderator in the TechNet thread here:

I think this may help you.

sepknowAuthor Commented:
I saw this link when I googled.
But my company policy is denying me access.
Can you post the text here?
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